Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The end of set chase as well as a dynasty

 How appropriate that the last card I needed for my 1975 Topps set was this Oakland A's team card.

1975 would the last taste of playoff baseball Oakland would see for the next six years. The won 98 games while finishing first in the American League West but wound up getting swept by the Boston Red Sox in the 1975 American League Championship, 3-0.

One thing I love about this card is the alternating green and yellow jerseys, and then throwing the coaches in their white tops and white hats that they wore. Makes for a nice team shot of this colorful gang of the early 1970's.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

More on that 65 Topps set I will be chasing ....

Dug through some of my 60's Topps last night and low and behold I found another two high numbers along with another five cards I will need for my new 1965 Topps set. I certainly will have my work cut out for me as whoever had collected this set, they must have go away to summer cap or went on vacation during the summer of 1965.

Missing are:
Series IV: 284-370
Series V: 371-446
Series VI: 447-522

Does anyone know when these series' would have been release during the course of 1965? It would be willing to bet in was during the summer months.

I am guessing that this set was started by a kid and when we came back home for the start of the school year in September of 1965, got back to collecting this set and bought packs from the last series (Series VII: 523-598) as I am only missing 5 of these cards.

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Oh before I forget, I know there are a number of Dodger collectors on these boards ... if you happen to have a 1965 Koufax and would like to trade for a 1963 Topps Koufax, drop me a line. Maybe of you would rather swap for a different year? Of if you have a 1965 Willie Mays, Ernie Banks, or Carl Yastrzemski, I would be willing to part with that 1963 Koufax and/or 1964 Topps Koufax World Series card. Check my archives too for those and other cards I would be willing to trade.

Again, if you have any information on when Topps would release certain series', I would love to hear about it. Thank you for reading.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Chasing my favorite 60's set: 1965 Topps

Been a while since I have posted on the this blog. I have updated some of my want lists as I continue to plug away at some of my Topps Sets and All-Time Red Sox collection.

I managed to hit up a card show in Stratford, CT on Sunday while visiting the inlaws. Ended up really at one table for about 90% of the time I was there. I had cleaned up almost all his 1971 Topps short prints some months back. No new cards there, but did pick up eleven 1968 Topps high numbers for a buck a piece. Also had a number of late 1950's and 1960's Red Sox available in the $1–3 range as well. Knocked off eighteen Sox needs there. At another table I did manage to find one 1971 Topps SP to cross off.

Which brings me to my next set chase and my favorite set of the 1960's ... the 1965 flagship set.

I have always loved the bold colors, the seldom used pennants, and I find the photography to be pretty top notch for this decade. Also, the high numbers aren't out of reach like other sets from this era. And no variations either to chase down.

So I manged to win this ebay auction over the weekend. Like the couple of other sets I have been chasing, this partial (half the set) set has a number of stars, rookies, and high numbers already. Not too picky about the overall condition as this fits my budget just fine.

If any of you have some 65 Topps to trade, I would love to hear from you. I have a number of stars and commons from 1960–1979 that I would gladly trade to inch closer to completing this beauty.

Drop me an email or comment below. I will be uploading a wantlist later today. Hope to trade soon!