Sunday, June 12, 2011

LCS visit brings in vintage and retro vintage (PART ONE)

So finally, finally I made it a point to visit the LCS one town over from me. About the only day I can get over there is on a Friday, but lately my Fridays (off days) have been the sort that has me running all over creation doing errands and what not.

I had already made about two passes on the LCS's Allen & Ginter minis but that was when I was only planning to doing a "Frankenstein" set. Now that I am boldly, err ... insane attempt to complete all the mini sets from 2006 to present I have been wanting to get back and make one last pass. So 100 minis later for 10 bucks or a dime a piece, I ransacked what he had left.

And with that, I scanned in some of my favorites from each year ...

Out of all the A&G sets, I think the 2006 set might be my favorite. The artwork is just awesome. I actually already had the Tim Hudson and Chipper Jones but I wanted the black borders just to break up the look on what ever page they happen to fall on.

Next up, 2007s ... gotta love the Ferris Wheel card too. One problem with these mini being popular around these parts, Red Sox minis are few and far between. I know I haven't been able to land any of them at my LCS in the last two years. Nice to see Corey Patterson having a resurgence north of the border. I remember when his card was the one to own in the 1999 Topps Traded set. The guy has always had talent, just couldn't take a walk to save his life.

Some 2008s here and I think the weakest of the Ginter designs. They're not bad but not as classy as the '06s and '07s. I also think a number of cards were over Photoshoped with whatever filter Topps was using.

The Ginter looked rebounded for sure with their 2009 version and I think these black border beauties might be the best of the lot. When I saw this Florence Nightengale card, all I could think about was that scene in Meet the Parents when Greg Focker is playing water vollyball and was called out for his shoddy play ...

If Florence Nightingale would play some defense.
I missed one shot!
It was a big shot!

And finally, some 2010 Ginters and the only insert cards I was able to acquire.

The Russian Bear and the Bald Eagle, side-by-side, who ya got???!! How would you like your national animal to be a cow? Ugh!

So that wraps up Part One of my visit to the LCS. I thought I'd put the vintage together in the same post as the retro, but decided against it since Part Two will be a launching point of a new collecting project I am in the middle of putting together. So until then ....

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