Friday, June 1, 2012

Closing in on a completed set

And then there were seven left. That's all that stands between me and a beautiful and complete 1975 Topps Set. If anyone can help, my remaining needs are here, no real biggies either.

Got these at the LCS about a week ago. All were in a big 3200 count box of '75s. I knew there was a nice Rose in the display case for $20, but landed this one for $8 due to a barely noticeable wrinkle at the top of the card. The Winfield looks as though it just came out of a pack. If anyone has another Expos team card, I could use it as this was is checked on the back. For right now, it'll work just fine.

Got a busy day of grocery shopping, errands, and if I am lucky I should be able to swing by a card store and maybe snag a couple more '68's as well.


  1. That sure is a nice Winfield. Most of them (including mine) are way off-center.

  2. There were two in that box. This one and one that was VG. If you look more closely, it's just a little miscut. Nice card though. I know you collect the minis, the LSC had a small stack and I swear every single one was miscut top and bottom, most by quite a bit.