Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tackling Two Sixty-Fives at Once

Been awhile since I blogged but have still managed to keep collecting while life decided to throw a curve ball. In short, the publishing company I had worked at for 16 years at sold and the new company decided they didn't need our wonderful and extremely talented design team. Took me a couple of months but landed a great contracting gig (that hopefully turns into the FT position I interviewed for and am a finalist) for a leading, national financial services company.

I won't show any pics from my Heritage hobby box other than I received 8 SPs and two of them were Jeter. The regular SP and the "action shot" SP. No minis, no relics, and the real one auto is a redemption for McGriff/Freeman. Haven't rubbed the code or redeemed it yet in case any Braves fans want to trade for it.

Was at a card show in CT two weeks ago and was able to grabbed another 17 SPs for what ended up being about a buck fifty each. Passed on a mini Jon Lester for $20 as it was the first mini I had seen. Didn't realize there were minis in the product. In any case, I have/will be posting a needs list. Still need some base cards and down to 50 SPs needed.

Also, I am still working at the original 1965 Topps set and just recently landed these from eBay. Mantle is the last big card I needed (besides the Koufax and a couple other HOFers). Mantle, Tresh, and Howard all came from the same seller and all under the price of a Heritage box.

Take a look ...

It was nice that these cards help cut into the 4/5th series that I am missing a ton from.

I hope to post a little more often, I still need to scan and show off the newly finished 1971 Topps Baseball set. There's a couple of cards I may need to upgrade but it's sure a great looking set.

And if you have any '68 Topps kicking around—working on that one as well but still need some big cards there, most noticeably the Ryan rookie.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back as I will try to put more cards on my TRADE BAIT page.

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