Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Heritage Live on eBay

Just happened to look on eBay and people are breaking down boxes/cases of 2011 Topps Heritage.

Like what I see so far! One thing that is back, and looking at the other sets from the '60s will be more hatless player shots. So while people love the wood grain design of the 1962 set, will they get over the fact that there will be countless, hatless, player mugs.

Also staying true to the original, blue tints. Not sure how many there are or what the seeding is.

I think I'll give the LCS a call at noon and see if they got their shipment in but think it will be closer to mid next week.


Just got a combo printer/scanner yesterday that I hope to put to good use. Got a trade to review from Night Owl I'd like to get up on the blog. Plus I finally got a wantlist of 2009 Goodwin Champions minis that I need to post as well. Work has been crazy this week so hopefully can do some much needed posting this weekend. Also headed to Vegas at the end of next week for a bachelor party (not mine as I am happily married) so if some have some insights on where to go and what not to do, feel free to post. Also, if you know of any card stores out there, I'll need to kill a good chunk of my Sunday before the return flight. And finally, Joe for Bound for Beantown and Dan from The Other World, your packages are going into the mail today. Both are 400 count boxes!


  1. I always hated the 62 design but I know there are tons that love it. Hopefully there are only limited Red Sox SP cards this year.

  2. On the Jeter card, he still has the ball in his hand in the last frame. How on earth did he "make the double play"?