Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sox home park is the Polo Grounds?

So popped into Target last night to get a couple of things and found that they had a ton of 2011 Topps Heritage. Gravity feeds, retail packs, rack packs, and blasters.

Picked up one blaster and came across this card.  Bobby Jenks, sweeeeet!! Wait a second, why is he pictured against the back drop of the Polo Grounds?????  I noticed also that my Dustin Pedroia is also pictured at the Polo Grounds. Two other Sox I got in my blaster, Lars Anderson and Clay Buchholz are just head shots so no stadium back drop. Are there others or are these variations like last years T206 with some variations having with and without hats?

No hits in my box unless you count a Richie Weeks chrome. Those that collect Chrome Heritage I think will be very excited. That wood grain looks like you just sprayed 3 cans of Pledge on it. The checklist I got had a different stock, almost similar to the SPs last year. Was numbered 4 of 6 so not sure if these are short printed. Other insert was a News Flashback on the Mona Lisa touring the U.S. for the first time.

Overall, nice cards cards but some have that overdone Photoshop appearance in their faces ala a number of the '59 style Heritage. Not sure if I will attempt the set, thinking about it though.

Will post some more pics when I get a couple of minutes to breathe. Crazy week ahead of me.

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