Sunday, December 4, 2011

A long awaited thank you to My Mistress ...

My Cardboard Mistress that is.

So looking back in my scans folder, I realized I had a number of trade posts that I never got to. So somehow, even though it's barely 8:00 AM on the east coast, and my son has had his first sleep over, I think I may actually be able to post.

First up is a trade made with My Cardboard Mistress back in mid August. Going his way were a bunch of Allen & Ginters from 2006–2011 in exchange for the minis below. Adam made a nice dent into my Ginter mini needs ...

First in the batch was a couple of 2008's along with an assortment of inserts. D.B. Cooper makes a couple of appearances in the Ginter sets, the first being this card in 2009 (and also made A&G's World's Most Mysterious People in 2011). If you don't know the story behind "Mr. Cooper" it's rather fascinating!

Next, a nice batch of 2010 minis, including the 2011 National League MVP, Ryan Braun. Adam was also nice enough to include former Sox stiff Erik Bedard. We shoulda stayed with Rich Harden trade at this year's deadline. Harden certainly would have pitched with more Heeeeeaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhttttt!

Next is a number of 2011 minis, including a NO NUMBER of Omar Infante. I'm still kicking myself for passing on a 2009 no number of Justin Verlander at a show earlier this year. I dealer went from $6 bucks to $3, but I had just got there and wanted to see what else was available. Dummy!! Nice to see Alex Gordon finally put everything together this year. I really hope the talent come along for Kansas City. I remember as a kid, I hated when the BoSox played in KC as they always seemed to have trouble with Brett, White, Wilson, and the rest.

Next, some 2011 black minis and again, some of the horizontal cards (Phillips) don't work well in the format. The Weeks is ok, but I think Topps should rid the landscape route for this product.

Some more mini '11's including, possible 2012 Red Sox closer, Daniel Bard. I have always loved Jim Thome but too bad he's going back to Philly, as I don't see how he'll get much playing time.

And rounding out the trade a number of 2011 insert minis. I like the Step Right Up set as it fits perfectly with the quirkiness that is Allen & Ginter.

Thanks again Adam for the great trade, sorry it took about four months to post. Hope to do it up again as I see you've landed some more minis!!!

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