Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Opinions Please

So while going through my cards, and arranging piles of cards into newer piles of cards, I found myself wondering how I should go about storing them so I get the best enjoyment from my collection.

Lately I have been hooked on the MLB Network's Baseball's Seasons series and MLB's Top 20 Greatest Games so much so, that I have started pulling together some "greatest teams" cards from the A's 1972-74 run, The Big Red Machine of the mid 70's, the 1983 Wheez Kids, the '04 Red Sox that broke the curse. These cards along with my No-Hitters and Cycle collections, World Series Cards, Leaders cards, etc... makes me wonder how would one of you out there organize this.

I have always been a sheets/binder guy, but also have a bunch (ok, maybe 1500) of Card Saver II top loaders.

Would you group the "greatest teams" in a binder, leaders in another binder, rare feats in another? Or would you have a binder for each decade?

Please send me your thoughts, I'd love to hear what others do. Thanks in advance!



  1. Hay shane what i do is all my red sox go in2 a binder complete team sets 1st by year than singles by year
    and the same with sets

  2. somebody else was asking about this in another blog few days ago...
    nothing beats binders imo. these days im grouping dodgers in sets of historic sluggers, pitching aces, bad-ass catchers in action shots, and so on.
    other teams usually are vintage so i group them by era.

  3. anyone remember where else this question was asked?

  4. BTW...
    i forgot you were asking for an opinion...
    you're ugly too. haha

    (hope you can take a joke, as i couldn't pass that one up)

  5. It was my blog that asked that question, but it was a little bit different. It was about team collections and my grouping by player rather than year or set.

    If you haven't seen it here we go.

    In answer to your question. Nine players on a team, nine slots on a page. I would put a "starting lineup" on the first page and the reserves on subsequent pages.

  6. That was mine thinking, could have the starting line ups and then rotation, bullpen, etc. Sounds like I should stay with binders.

    Anyone have a need for NEW, unopened Card Saver IIs? I've got a bunch of 'em in unopened boxes.