Friday, May 18, 2012

Vintage Trade Bait

First lot of trade bait. Vintage Topps from 1960 thru 1969. I have a lot more as well as this is just a small selection. Shoot me an email if you're looking for something in particular, whether from a certain set or team.

If you look at my prior posts, I am willing to trade any of the vintage cards I have picked up tht aren't 68s. I have a number of 1969 Topps both semi-stars and commons as well as a number of 1963s and 1966s. If the 60s isn't your thing, I have quite a bunch of 1970-1979 Topps as well. Stars and commons.

If you needed larger scans and/or the back of a particular card(s), I will be happy to do so.

Please take a look at my 1968 needs, drop me line and hopefully we can help each other out. The set I am putting together runs VG-EX will some NR-MT and some GD. I'll take cards that have creases, soft corners, pin holes, pen ink.

I will posting more bait throughout the weekend—thank you again!!


  1. Mercy. I'm interested in the Koufax and the L.A. takes third straight. Not sure if I have anything that could match that.

  2. Interested in Koufax should a deal with Owl not come to fruition.