Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trolling the 'bay

So in my ongoing effort to put some sense into my collection and to keep it fresh, I have been looking for cheap, off-condition vintage for my All-Decades Team Project. It is a project that will encompass Topps cards from 1960 to the present day. I hope to get some wants lists up in the next week as well as get some of the "team pages" scanned and posted.

One thing I have come across in my researching this project and trying to determine who ends up in my "starting lineup" and who rides the pine.

Take my 1970's California Angels for example. First base wasn't the best of positions for the Halos during this stretch ... Jim Spencer, Bob Oliver, Mike Epstein, Tony Solaita, Bruce Botche, Ron Fairly, and finally Rod Carew. So right off the bat I know it's going to come down to Spencer and Carew. Spencer had two solid years for the Angels and even won a Gold Glove in 1970. Carew had just been traded before Spring Training in 1979 and had a solid year for California. He was an All-Star but failed to be in the top 10 for hitting and his lone stat achievement was ranking 5th in on-base percentage. Right now Spencer is my starter, Carew, on the bench, and don't worry you Solaita fans, where he appears to have been a useful player for several seasons with the Angels, he too lives on for this team in a bench role.

And with that little tidbit out of the way, onto some good, off-condition, vintage finds I have recently acquired on the 'bay (I apologize for not scanning the backs, it was late and I had a number of other scans to do) ...
a little bit of everything in this first scan. Speaking of Angels, one of the originals, Eddie Yost. He was drafted off the Tigers roster as the 25th pick. Yost resides the pine on my 1960s Angels team on a "They-Used-to-Be-Great" page. A nice shot of a 1961 Topps Tito Francona, who was a pretty good ballplayer during his day. I love this 1965 high number Boog Powell. I'm a sucker for the old school O's look, especially the script and bird logo on the wool uniform. And lastly, a 1966 Topps Tom Tresh, who was a pretty damn good player for those power house Yankee teams of the early 1960's.

Second scan, five cards, five Hall of Famers, all of them cheap!! Got me self a nice Hank Aaron and being an All-Star card and a great pose, helps me not break the bank in looking for some of the superstars of the 1960s. One of the original New York Mets, Richie Ashburn, also his last card too. Not sure why Topps had to butcher the "NY" painting job in the circle photo when they clearly had actual photos of Richie in a real Mets cap. Next up, Mr. Cub, Let's Play Two ... your starting FIRST baseman for the 1960s Chicago Cubs ... ERNIE BANKS. Moving on, Whitey Ford's last Topps card and what a way to go out on the classic 1967 design. I wish Topps would bring back the multiple, series of releases only so we could revive these in-season "TRADED" cards. I once had this 1972 Frank Roby but I sent to Night Owl a couple maybe a year and a half ago. Welcome home Frank.

And with that, I wait one more day to rip my hobby box of Ginter.

* * * * * * *

HELP ME!!!! With the 2011 Ginter now LIVE, I will be attempting to collect the mini set and any mini inserts from this new edition. I do have a hobby box with me name on it for Wednesday, so that will get me a little bit of a head start. As for the base cards, SPs, hits, and any other cards in that come out of that box, they will be available for trade. If you can help, please, please drop me a line. For those of you still looking for 2011 Topps sparklies, I have a few from series 2, maybe I can grab a couple of minis for these??? Will also be posting some trade bait on Friday to help entice people to send mini Ginters my way as well.

Anyhow, drop me a line if you're not into the minis, and I'm sure I can find something to trade you.


  1. You didn't send me the FRobby traded card. I only have one of that card, and I picked that one up at a card show a few years ago.

  2. hhhmmmmm, ah, maybe it was the '71 Richie Allen high number. I know I traded a 72 Roby to another blogger.