Monday, June 4, 2012

Another surprise, another set to build

So yesterday I posted about finding a 1968 Topps Bench rookie card for a smidge over the cost of a blaster box. I had thought that the Bench might be one of the last cards that would find it's way into my '68 album. In fact, I had more than once thought about putting a bid on ebay for one of those reprints but thought better of it.

That Bench (along with  '68s Clemente, Carew, Rose, and #1 Clemente leaders card which I need to get when I have some money) was in a small stack of cards that one of the employees had elsewhere. As I set the Bench aside and the other '68s, I passed a 1969 Mantle, some other '69 stars and then I saw them ... three of them to be exact in varying conditions. Surely, there must be a heavy crease, pen marks, torn back ... nope!

Again, for the cost of 2012 Topps blaster box, I picked up this cornerstone card of the 1973 Topps set. Sure, a couple of soft corners and some of that black ink seen on many a '73 card, but no way I was going to get this particular card, in this condition on ebay or COMC at this price. And with that, I begin chasing down cards from the set of my birth year. I have posted a want list to the right. In the next day or two it should be up to date as I still sifting through what I have.

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Just a heads up, I have decided to put a couple sets from the 1980's together as well. 

The 1984 Topps set (and Traded set), which I favor design-wise over the 1983 issue. 

The 1986 Topps set (already have the Traded set) for it's black borders, the Red Sox magical run and then historic defeat (still can't fathom why Topps didn't do traded cards of Dave Henderson and Spike Owen), and maybe the best Topps Traded set of the 1980's. Speaking of Traded set omissions, how did Steve Carlton with an airbrushed uni not make that set? The certainly did the artwork for the 1987 Topps box panel cards. 

And lastly, the underrated 1988 Topps set ( have the Traded set). It's set that I see getting more love for it's design and it's photography. The photography in the '88 set I feel is far superior than that of the well-loved 1987 wood grain issue. The pictures seem more crisp, colorful, and I like how the players "pop up" above the team names. The Traded set isn't too shabby either. Forget about worth, but look at the players in it. Alomar, Grace, Sabo, Weiss, and Wells rookies, Kirk Gibson donning Dodger blue, Dave Parker and Don Baylor in A's green and gold, Gossage in a Cubs pullover. The USA team with Jim Abbott and Tino Martinez.

In the coming week I plan of posting those needs lists as well. Still sorting and putting things in order so please stay tuned. Hopefully someone has a stack or two they are tired of looking at and will want to trade away. Again, thank you for reading!


  1. Nice pickup! I'm envious because that card is one of 5 I need to complete 1973, and I was hoping to pick up a lesser-condition card for somewhere around $20. Nice to know it's at least possible.

    1988 is one of my top 5 sets from the 80's. Very underrated.

  2. Wow! You gotta be kidding me! Nice.

  3. Just happen to be there, right time, right place, and an employee that hadn't waited on me before. I think where he saw I had a list, he went outta his way to find these cards. The Schmidt came up when I asked if he had other vintage commons. He showed me a partial '73 set. He's going to price out for me, so have to see what price he comes back with. At first glance, condition was probably VG-EX through EX+ and looks like it's missing the HR Kings card (#1), the Aaron, Mays, Ryan cards. All the multiplayer rookies where there except for the Schmidt. See what happens.

    shlabotnikreport ... The next priced Schmidt cards where $14.95 and $9.95. If you feel comfortable sending me money or something equivalent in trade off my lists, shoot me an email and I will see if I can pick one of those up.

  4. Nice find, Shane! That's the only Phillies card I DON'T have between 1964 and 1993.