Thursday, January 3, 2013

Housecleaning and Collecting Goals

With spring training just around the corner, I needed to get around to some posting and cleaning up of lists. Spent about and hour yesterday on ebay and Beckett's marketplace filling in some holes. Finally finished off my 1975 Topps set. Needed the Joe Morgan, Brooks Robinson card and two team cards. Nice to finally cross that off my needs.

Also finished off my 2012 Topps Debut set in the process. I really like having this set bookend the regular Topps flagship set. I hope Topps continues to do these sets in the future. Maybe they can add an end of the year draft pick set and make it an online exclusive ala the Heritage High Series Set.

Along the way, cleaned up on some missing Red Sox cards and some 1971 Topps high numbers and short prints.

Also, I know I need to reach back out to a couple of traders on some trades. I would love to get rid of the piles I have been accumulating on these fronts. So please bear with me.

So onto my 2013 Collecting Goals
  1. To finally land a 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card. Doesn't have to be perfect, can even have some creasing, pinhole, or paper loss.
  2. Finish off my 1971 Topps Set. Easily doable as I am not missing any overly expensive cards. I think the Ernie Banks is the highest priced of the bunch.
  3. Try to reduce my needs list in half on both the 1968 and 1973 Topps set. I have a fair number of commons to obtain, just need to find outlets (online, shows, other card stores) to make happen.
  4. Land another large lot/partial 1960s Topps set. I know some of the high numbers in these years can be the killers for those trying to complete these sets. I do like the designs of the 1960, 1962, and 1964 sets, but then again I already have a 1966 Rose and Koufax in my hands. I need to look at how many cards I have for each year and see what lines up best.
  5. Make more trades. Granted, I really only purchase the Topps flagship as far as boxes/packs go and some other packs here and there. But I do have a number of oddball issues and variety of different cards from across the spectrum (70s-00s). I also have a number of Red Sox to trade as well and would even part with Red Sox relics in order to finish off some of my sets.
So, if anyone can lend a hand in helping me with these goals, drop me a line. I'd love to start chipping away.

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  1. Ha, great minds think alike. Sent you an email a little while ago, before seeing this post. Give a yell when you have a minute.