Sunday, April 3, 2011


So work has been crazy, freelance work has been crazy, and on top of that, IT has starting blocking various sites and putting the clamps on employees posting to blog sites and whatnot. Although I can view my site and view others, I cannot post anything to this blog and that in turn has been part of the reason for lack of posts.

I just installed some software for a new Canon-do-it-all machine so I now have the ability to scan cards rather than take photos. I just wrapped up a bunch of scans and now I just have to write about them. I have three trades to review, my findings from my first card show in maybe TWO years, and some cards I came across from a recent trip back home.

Add to that, a have completed FOUR fantasy baseball drafts in the last week.

So, what I think I will do is schedule the posts I have coming, so that they hit here and there and therefore I can bypass the site blocking. So with that, I need to go write and get ready to watch my Red Sox stumble so more out of the starting block.

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