Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Topps Retail Loose Packs

Without further ado, some of the cards from the first couple of retail packs ....

The emeralds are not numbered. Not collecting these, nor the pinks or camos. So any I get, they'll be available for trade.

And first Red Sox of 2013, is Salty. Too bad he may be traded come Spring Training.

I know I have another Red Sox on top of one of the two rack packs I got but not sure who it is. Will wait till tonight to open those.

Some more, these from my second and third packs.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SHOT!!! And nice that's not a short print. 

Target Reds are back, not serial numbered. Also not in every pack.

All in all I limited myself to 15 loosies (from a retail box and gravity feeder) and two rack packs. The had the deck boxes (72 cards) and the blasters. All the prices are the same as previous years for the entire line of retail product.

Ok time to get back to work but just wanted to share with you that 2013 Topps retail is live!  It's a great looking product from the few packs I have opened and will definitely be putting this set together.


  1. Put me down for the Billingsley. I'm way behind in sending out stuff, but by then may 2013 Topps will be where I live!

  2. Haven't found any retail in the Twin Cities yet, but I've got a group break case coming. Being jealous of you will have to suffice until then. :)

  3. Greg,
    I'll set that Chad aside for you. I apologize my reply didn't show up earlier. Tried a mobile Blogger app but it didn't post my replies.

    I'm jealous you get to open a case! I can't imagine doing that. Good luck.