Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How the Original Donruss Rated Rookies Turned Out

Just came across my Twitter feed and thought I'd pass along this blog write up from mental_floss' Scott Allen.

In 1984, Donruss released what some collectors consider one of the greatest baseball card sets of all time. In addition to 26 Diamond Kings—a subset of cards depicting a star player from every team—the 660-card set included 20 Rated Rookies, a new subset that highlighted a crop of promising young players selected by New York Daily News writer Bill Madden. The Rated Rookie would become a staple of the Donruss brand for years to come. (more)

One on my non-Topps favorite sets growing up as a kid. Have a factory set that I need to put into sheets and binder some day.

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  1. Thanks for the link...great article. I was confused in 1987 why the McGwire RR wasn't a RC. I was just a kid then...I didn't understand the whole RC rules used by the card manufacturers.