Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adding more minis to the collection

Relic minis that is.  This was part of my eBay buying binge over the last two weeks. Put a bid on this lot and kinda forgot about it until I was notified that I was the winner.

 We have some white swatches ...

Some gray swatches ...

And some colors and a bat chip. This lot broke down to be about a buck per relic—I thought might as well and if I didn't win, no big deal.

These all came from the 2008 Allen & Ginter set and eventually would like to have a page of relics from each of the A&G years. So, if you have an extra 2006, 07, 09, or 2010 Ginter relic, I would be open to trading a couple of these to pick up another year. About the only one I would not trade is Tulo. Mauer would be available as I already have a 2009 gray w/pinstripe jersey swatch.

In two other separate auctions, I completed my World's Deadliest Sharks insert set with the Great White Shark from the 2008 A&G set. And on top of that, I picked up my first World's Deadliest Snakes card from the 2007 edition in the King Cobra. These Snakes seem to run about $20 or so each so I was pretty happy when I got this guy for half that.
I have a couple more Ginter auction wins to showcase that were part of this spree as well as some vintage HOF'ers joining my No-Hitters collection. Hopefully I'll get all that up by the weekend as well as find a creative way to get some trade bait posts up as well for next week. So stay tuned and Go Sox!


  1. Those A&G mini framed relics are awesome. Nice haul!

  2. I'll see if I can't find something for you for the Mauer...

  3. Hmmm. My email reply to you was returned undelivered. Basically, I have a 2010 Latos relic, if you're interested.

  4. rhubarb, sent you an email that I would do that trade. Did you get?

  5. no, not yet. huh.

    I'll see what else I have to send you, and toss it in the mail to you when I get home from my business trip. I'm assuming your home address is still good, even if the email isn't getting through ;)