Friday, April 15, 2011

Good things come to those who wait

So the saying goes. Got a nice little surprise in the mailbox today — actually two surprises.

Several years ago I had done some TTM autograph collecting, stopped for a couple of years and then decided to try it again last spring training. From there life and work got in the way and just didn't have time to dedicate to writing to players.

So, imagine my surprise when not one, but TWO familiar SASEs appeared when I checked the mail today.  I forget the exact dates sent, but know it was mid-March of last year.

The National League's 2010 Most Valuable Player, Joey Votto, and Toronto slugger Adam Lind who is off to another 2009-like start.  Pretty sweet sigs, guys!  I know you won't come across this, but thank you Mr. Votto and thank you Mr. Lind!