Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Ginter Mini Heist

So while looking for some Allen & Ginter mini cards, I decided to look for some of those lots that list "U-Pick 10, 15, 20, etc," so I was quite surprised when I came across a lot of 2006 minis in which you pick 30 cards and decent "Buy It Right Now" offer.

Now part of the problem with these lots is that they might list 100 or so cards, if that, with maybe a couple of images, so unless one of the images grabs you, or you have the time to go back and forth looking at their numbers and yours, it's easy to pass over these auctions and look elsewhere.

One thing I love about the 2006 edition of Ginter, is the retired player selection. HOFs like Banks, Yaz, Clemente, Brooks and Frank Robinson, etc. and the images that Topps used look great in the mini format. Now the image that lured me was the Nolan Ryan depicted as a California Angel. I have been looking for this mini for a while so right off the bat I knew I had to look and see if I could find thirty cards of my liking. So what did I find?

How about some Hall of Famers (minus the Moose) and original A&G original reprints!!!!! Score!! I love the Frankie Frisch, Yaz, and Frank, but c'mon Topps, why are you showing an end-of-the-line Brooks??? I'd like to know why they went with this shot.

Next up so "RC" designated minis ...

I like the Hanley mini because it's not an action shot taken from a mile away like a couple of his other Ginter cards. The McCann is petty cool, that Braves uniform was made for the A&G product line.

Next up are a whole bunch of current players ...

King Felix, Vladi, Chase, can't go wrong with those guys. Piazza and Nomar in jerseys no one thought they would end up in. As a BoSox, I know I never imagined Nomah in anything but a Red Sox jersey. Too bad nagging injuries and his ego got the best of him. Cubs, Dodgers, A's ... a shame he could be there for both World Series teams. We got some future HOFs here too with Biggio, Chipper, Piazza, and maybe Bonds, but that's a whole different story.

And finally some miscellaneous sports/non-sports ...

The best college basketball coach ever and a Hall of Famer as a player and coach! "Holy s@#t, that was Mike Tyson!" "I mean he's still got it!" ... Mike is back for a cameo again in The Hangover 2 due out this Memorial Day. And lastly, Lady Liberty. A classic indeed. I need more of these type of Ginters, ones like the St. Louis Arch, the Grand Canyon, Eifel Tower.

The average cost of these minis for the lot ... $0.38. This was one of the lots that reminded me of those dime/quarter boxes at card shows, and that with a little time and patience (and flipping between lists), good finds are often right before our eyes — we just have to open them.

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