Friday, April 15, 2011

Trade with The Other World

So one of my readers, Dan from The Other World is a transplanted Phillies fan on the left coast, and had missed out on a 2011 Topps Utley manufactured patch card that I offered up as Trade Bait. We chatted, looked at each others lists and put together a pretty good trade for one another. The key card going back his was a nice, 1971 Topps "Reynolds" Rookie Prospect card from the high series. One of the "Reynolds' on there was a Phillie and the last card he needed for a 1971 Phillies team set. In addition a bunch of Phillies cards from all years went west as well.

Coming east where ...
Nine Allen & Ginter minis!!!! I finally picked up on eBay a couple of boxes of the UltraPro 15-pocket sheets to house all these Ginter minis. I had been using another company (20 pockets) but didn't like how the minis stuck out of the pockets. So, hopefully I will have time to start putting these all into sheets today.

Next up ....
Some retro vintage Red Sox. Love the Kimball Ortiz as I need it for my Kimball Champions set.

How how some, somewhat vintage Sox ...

A couple of 1978 Topps and 1980 Topps Sox. Poor Fisk goes from an awesome action shot ('77) to a ho-hum standing around pose ('78). That 1980 Topps Fred Lynn has always been one of my favorites, I think it's because it's a "action/pose" shot you rarely see on a card.

And finally ...

Some Sox favorites' cards. I keep acquiring Pedroia cards in trades that I think I may have to add him to my list of Sox to collection. He's certainly a fan fav around here because he leaves it all out on the field. He's not the biggest guy, doesn't have the flair or grace of a Jeter, certainly is not the speedster of say HanRam but boy, he's a smart, hard working, and one hell of a ballplayer!

Thanks again Dan for the trade, hope to do it again down the road.


So, finally caught my breath to finally get a post up. Got a number of scans ready to go and hope to schedule a bunch of posts for this weekend and next week. Work still has the buffer on any Blogger sites so I can even edit my want lists and make postings. Also went on a little bit of an eBay buying binge and picked up a bunch of nice stuff. Just need to scan and edit lists so stay tuned.

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