Wednesday, January 12, 2011

304 cards closer

So in between bouts of shoveling and snow blowing nearly two feet of snow this afternoon, I managed to win the above item earlier today.  With 304 more '72 Topps cards, I have reached just about the halfway point for this set.

Once I figure what cards are in this lot (there were also 18 high numbers to boot), I will update my list. I know I still need a number of stars. I have stars from other 70's sets, so feel free to send me your offers and hopefully I can fill some of your wants.


  1. Wow. I'm collecting the set, but I'd hardly call it collecting now. 304 in one pop!

  2. I think I sent you a bunch of '72s about a year ago ... could have used those now. Oh well. If I have any doubles between what I have and this lot, I'll shoot you an email!