Monday, January 31, 2011

Some more Ginter additions

So guess what is headed my way (besides another foot plus of snow), the more Allen & Ginter beauties I won on eBay.

The first card is a 2009 Topps Football Allen & Ginter John Elway mini. It's part of a 15 card set only inserted into 2009 Topps Football packs found in gravity dispensers in Target stores. I already have Matt Ryan, Terry Bradshaw, and Ben Roethlisberger. What I like about this card is that it depicts Elway in a 1966 Broncos retro helmet.

The second auction I won was a 3-card lot of World's Deadliest Sharks insert set from the 2008 Allen & Ginter. With already having the Oceanic White Tip, it leaves me only one short of the 5-card insert set—Great White Shark. From my understanding, these were on the rare side as far as pack pulls. The sharks insert was a follow up to "World's Deadliest Snakes" found in the 2007 Allen & Ginter.

I really do enjoy all the A&G insert sets and wonder in what direction Topps will go this year.  How about World's Most Famous Speeches, Discovered Species of the 20th Century, World's Greatest Discoveries, Famous Explorers, or Greatest Military Leaders to suggest a few. What about bringing back A&G originals: Fish from America's Waters, Birds of the Tropics, or Government & State Buildings.

I am surprised they're haven't been hockey players or more basketball players in the base set.  What about an insert set of Hoops Legends consisting of Wilt, Russell, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Bird, Magic, Pistol Pete, Bill Walton to name a few. How about World's Greatest Golfers, ... the possibilities are endless.

What mini insert set(s) would you like to see in 2011 Allen & Ginter?

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