Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Allen & Ginter Minis

Found a couple of these single cards on eBay last night while looking at some original 1888 Allen & Ginters. So I did a search to see how many were in the set and did anyone sell this as a set. Bingo! Kit Young has a couple left, so I picked one up right away.

It was a special 6 card set (including a very limited 6th card of Babe Ruth) produced by Topps for the 2008 National Sports Card Convention. They are styled after the 1888 Allen & Ginter cards and were only given out in special 5 card packs to just a few hundred VIP registrants (who paid about 120.00 for the ticket). These are very scarce—less than 2500 were made and perhaps 900 were given out at the show. 

All cards feature players from famous events at Yankee Stadium. The cards are: Card #2 Lou Gehrig July 4, 1939 His famous retirement speech I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth, #3 Jackie Robinson September 28, 1955- his famous steal of home against the Yankees in the world series, #4 Don Larsen October 8, 1956 The Moment, famed shot of Larsen, with Yogi Berra jumping into arms after his perfect game, #5 Johnny Unitas famous 1958 NFL title game the greatest game ever played, #7 (of course) Mickey Mantle May 22, 1963-hits home run to beat the As the hardest ball I ever hit, almost hitting it out of Yankee Stadium. And #1 Babe Ruth a special extremely limited card (about half as many produced as others) of The Bambino April 18, 1923, with Babe hitting the first home run ever in the House that Ruth built. The backs are nice too, describing the famous event.

So any other Allen & Ginter collectors out there, do yourself a favor and go grab a set.

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