Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Calling on your '72s ...

Okay, so I was watching MLB Network last night and they were showcasing the 1971 season.  Turned out to be a fascinating show and this period certainly had it's characters and flair. So I thought, hhmmm, I am close to completing one icon set of the '70s (1975 Topps), why not go for the other one as well, the 1972 Topps. A set loved but some, but disliked by many, Granted I only have 60 or so cards toward the whopping 787 total.

So I am placing a call to you, the collectors out there. I am looking any and all your 1972 Topps baseball. If you want to trade me a lot of 1972's for an early 80's Topps set or 85 fleer set, I'll do it.  If some want to trade hi #'s for 2010 Heritage SPs, I'll do it.  I have a 2001 Topps Pujols rookie that could find a new home for a superstar from the '72 set. For other 1970's set collectors, I have a number of 1970-79 Topps stars and commons.

Throw me your offers and let's see if we can make some deals. Check out my Trade Archive on the right side, you can see I more than generous when it comes to trading.

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