Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Always going in circles or cycles?

As an art director, I'm usually giving graphic designers direction or guidance, yet over the last two years I constantly feel I need some direction with my card collection.

I have my pride and joy, All-time Red Sox Roster collection (birth year of 1973 to present).  In that collection, I have picked some cool oddball items (I will share some of these with you fellow Nation members in later posts) that I have never seen elsewhere. I have a handful of sets that I have built/building 1975, 78, 80, 81, 83, 2009 Topps, 84 Donruss and the 2009 and '10 Heritage. Also to this collection is my Allen and Ginter mini "frankenstein" set that I am building all in part to an idea I saw on dayf's Cardboard Junkie blog. I really like these mini cards and love all the insert sets Topps rolls out into this product.  It's a like one big history lesson after another.  Now I am doing the same with the modern-day T206 line.

So where am I going with this you ask? I go through phases. Sometimes it feels like I go through phases within phases.

I had some vintage 60’s at one point, did some TTM autos with good success for a period of time. Got sucked into jersey relics after that and then back into some 70’s stuff. I have made lists upon lists, created these “set” checklists on top of checklists, and still, I wonder where the heck I am going. In circles or cycles?

The above listing won't change, that part of my collection isn't going anywhere. But it's the "where do I want to go/collect now" that has been the issue. Here's where I hope I can get some insight from this blogging community. I can make my own decisions but would like to see what others would do, find more interesting.

Collection A:  Collection "A" is a collection made of RARE BASEBALL FEATS. I have always been fascinated with No-hitters, especially those thrown by no-namers, guys hitting for the cycle, and who doesn't love watching a player going yard in his first major league at bat--Sox fans, see Daniel Nava this season hitting a grand slam on his very FIRST pitch! Right now I have a good chunk on No-No's, in fact, all but one card in my Topps Million collection are guys who have done this rare feat.
It's a nice collection of stars like Koufax, Cone, Bunning (both leagues) and no names like Bud Smith, Jack Kralick, and Annibel Sanchez. Same goes for the cycles and HRs in first at bat.  These are only TOPPS cards, so it's spans the whole era of the brand.

Collection B:  Collection "B" is what I am calling my "Ultimate Topps Set."  This set though, has some limits set on it--the Topps regular size cards from 1957 thru present day. 1–850 plus as well as traded and highlights 1–330. It would not necessarily the most expensive cards or most popular, but my favorite cards (poses, action, feats, etc.). For example, the Robbie Alomar above in which his brother is sliding into second.  This collection would contain big names and no names and paint a nice history of the Topps brand over the last 60 years. This collection would definitely take more time, more trading, more money. Money of which I don't have a ton extra of with having two young children.

Collection C:  Collection "C" is finding a vintage set to build.  Condition doesn't matter to me and I think I would like to stay within the 70's, but I do love the design of the '67 Topps. Problem is, I might have 10 cards in my collection.  I have always like the 1970 and 1971 Topps sets. I have maybe 100 of the gray border '70 set, and 150+ of the black-beauty '71 set. With these, I have some stars, minor stars and leader cards.  Again, would take time (don't mind), trading for (again don't mind) but the high numbers and super stars would take some mullah.  If a side business takes off, than no sweat, but right now, extra, extra mullah is something I don't have piled away for baseball cards.

So, for those that stuck around till this part, I thank you. I'm sure I am not the only one who has experienced these same thoughts with their collections. I welcome your input, comments, and wisdom and of course, welcome your trades. Hopefully, one of my goals for 2011 and this blog will get me headed in one direction.


  1. My collection used to be all over the place too. Then I finally ttold myself I was just going to collect Topps team sets. But then that expanded to Heritage then Bowman Heritage than UD and has morphed to what it is now which is every base Red Sox card. (and a few parallels) Just need to find what is goin gto keep your interest and go with it and Red Sox keep my interest.

  2. The no-hitters collection is an interesting idea, but I've never been able to commit to that kind of niche collecting.

    My natural instinct is to go for a set. Collecting the '67 set sounds very interesting, but the high numbers are insanely difficult.

  3. About ten years ago, I only did Topps Red Sox team sets, but found that some of the players that created memories for me, never where on a Topps card. I mean, who can ever forget el Guapo?? Mr. Garces was never on a regular Topps card, Topps Total yes, but never the base product. So, I scrapped that plan and went with my all-time roster for each decade.

    I still might go with my "feats" collection and maybe tackle the 1972 set. Since I am nearing the close of my '75, I might as well try to complete the other 70's icon (garish) set.