Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trade with SpastikMooss

So a a couple of weeks ago, SpastikMooss sent me a email about doing a trade. I always like reading 'Mooss's site, I'm the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, I mean, who doesn't like the name Rusty Kuntz. Man, I would love to have that ball he's signing on his 1982 Topps card. In any case, if you haven't visited his site, check it out!!!!

So, going SpastikMooss' way will be a bunch of 1995 Topps Baseball and 1995 Topps Cyberstats along with some other cards he was looking for. And in return, below is a couple of shots of what I received.

The first image knocks off 3 cards from various wants. First up an OTW Missing 9 in the 2010 UD Rich Hill. Hill, a local kid from Milton (just south of Boston) appeared in a Red Sox uniform for 6 games at the end of the year. He picked up a win on September 14 at Seattle in his first Boston appearance. Next up is Juan Nieves, a member of the No Hitter Club. Nieves' no-hitter became the first ever thrown by a Puerto Rican in Major League Baseball. The feat was credited to Nieves, though was made possible by amazing outfield grabs by Jim Paciorek and finally by Robin Yount with 2 outs in the 9th inning. He was at the time, the second youngest to ever throw a no-hitter. And third in this shot is a 2009 Topps Heritage short print, #478 Troy Tulowitzki. Thanks to Mr. Tulowitzki's torrid August/September, I brought home a fantasy baseball championship in my long-standing head-to-head keeper league. No I face the decision of do I keep Tulowitzki or Robbie Cano, I am leaning towards Tulo as shortstop is void of big time talent.

Next up are a couple of shot of various Red Sox (there was a handful of 90's and 00's as well). A 1991 Fleer Update Mo "The Hit Dog" Vaughn, a 2004 Trading Day Fleer card of Nomah, and a Dustin Pedroia '09 Topps Chrome. Pedroia has a call in segment to the power house, sports talk radio station WEEI in Boston call the LaserShow. Do a search and I am sure to come across it—it's good for some laughs. He and manager are big cribbage players before games during the season.

And finally, some vintage 70's and 80's Topps Red Sox. I have always loved the 1980 Fisk, something about the catchers helmet on backwards, protector on, and looks like he may have just gunned someone down at second.

So thanks again SpastikMooss for the trade, hopefully one of more to come! It's great having the blog to finally be able to post these trades! The more, the merrier!

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