Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Short Print Variations ... so far

Are now hitting eBay. Here's a quick look at what I came across. Love the Musial shot but can Topps come up with some different players? Hopefully there are ones of Ernie Banks or Sandy Koufax now that they're in the Topps fold?


  1. Carew and Brett are MIA for the last two years for some reason

  2. that yaz sp is beautiful, i love these cards they need to make a jim rice variation sp though

  3. agree, as a Rice fan, is long overdue. How about an Ozzie Smith and Winfield from their Padres days. Steve Carlton, Schmidt, and Brooks Robinson are others that come to mind. How about a Drysdale? Or Ron Santo? C'mon Topps, you're missing out on a number of great players!