Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy?

Well I do now ... well not really, BUT it's been added to my Allen & Ginter collection.

This is my first card from the 2010 insert set titled Creatures of Myth, Legend, and Joy.  I can find eight other cards on eBay, but have to think the set must consist of 10 cards. Here are the ones I could find:
    • Little Red Riding Hood
    • Santa Claus
    • The Easter Bunny
    • Paul Bunyan
    • Goldilocks
    • Peter Pan
    • Jack and the Beanstalk
    • Three Little Pigs

This was a follow up to Ginter's 2009 Creatures of Myth, Legend, and Terror.

And on a side note, I checked a Target and a Walmart in the Worcester (MA) area and no 2011 Topps baseball yet.


  1. last year i was at a target near worcester like a week and a half before the 2010 topps series one were released and they had them, it was weird

  2. Last year I ordered a box from Dave and Adam, but this year I will try to buy local from DJ's Sportscards in Oxford (MA). Good guy and is great to the customers, especially the kids. I think maybe I got the '10 Topps at $55 or 56 from Dave and Adam and the DJ's was I think $60. I hope to swing by on Friday to pick up a box of 2011's.