Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goodwin Minis from the local shop

So I managed to get to the local card store (DJ's Sportscards in Oxford, MA) last Friday to help fill out a couple of other blogger want lists in order to send off a couple of trade packages. After finding those needs, I decided to look for some 2009 Goodwin Champion minis for myself.

For one buck, I brought home 19 more minis for my set and who doesn't love the old Milwaukee Braves logo on McCann's card.


  1. Nice. Goodwin was a set that I passed on when it came out, but now I'm regretting that. I really like the black bordered minis.

  2. I passed on this except for one single pack I bought in a Target maybe two months after it came out. Like it, but wasn't into collecting the retro minis at the time.