Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway is Live

So just minutes ago, I entered my first code at www.diamondtopps.com ... the prefix was kB9 ... the cards was ...

... a 1996 Topps Javy Lopez [insert groan here]. Well not the way I was looking to start my collection.  I have two more codes to enter, but will a little bit later. I had read recently that last years codes may have shown some sort of pattern depending on prefixes and when other decades had recently been unlocked. Did anyone else hear of this and what was your experiences in when you decided to unlock your codes.


Later today on this blog, I'll showcase what I picked up at the local card shop, a "Card that Should Have Been", and I'll throw out some 2011 Topps Inserts for Trade Bait.


  1. THanks for the heads-up! I unlocked a '69 Russ Nixon and a '96 Jack Armstrong. Huh.

  2. After you unlocked your card (which I'd virtually trade you for) did the dig thing work?

  3. no the dig did not work, but haven't tried again. Which card did you want, that Lopez? I'd trade that away.

  4. Just dug again (3:19 EST) and still acting up. Seriously, did Topps NOT run usability tests or run a soft launch to test the sites features? Not sure why they continue to be light years behind when they NEED to have a stronger Web presence.