Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Last Hurrah

So while I wait for my delivery from the Topps Million Card Giveaway, I was left with three cards in my collection: 1979 Marty Pattin, 1980 Doug Capilla, and a 1991 Terry Kennedy. I hadn't done anything in over a week with these cards nor did I get any offers. So I said to myself, lets see if I can't add three more guys from my no hitters need list in one day.

Within about and hour and a half, the last three cards were gone and three new ones had arrived.
The first was Pattin for a 1987 Joe Cowley who threw a no-hitter on September 19, 1986 against the eventual AL West Champions, the California Angels. For nine innings, the right-handed Cowley had fought against two foes: the Angels and himself. He won, 7-1, but not without first allowing seven walks and yielding a sixth-inning sacrifice fly that brought in the Angel run. That no hitter and win, was the last of his career. The following year near the end of spring training, Joe was traded to the Phillies for Gary Redus. He would pitch in 5 games, losing 4 while carrying a 15+ earn run average.

Next up was Capilla for a 1982 Charlie Lea. Lea would toss his feat against the San Francisco Giants in the second game of a double-header. The Giants won the opener, 5-1. In the second game, Lea struck out a career high of eight batters and walked four. He became the first Expo to pitch a no-hitter since Bill Stoneman did it against the Mets on October 2, 1972. Stoneman achieved the team's first no-hitter, also against the Mets, in 1969. Charlie would go one to have a couple of decent years with the Expos with an all-star appearance in 1984.
Last up was trying to rid myself of Terry Kennedy. I think I crafted no more than a dozen trade offers in a span of 10 minutes before I got an acceptance. Kennedy for a 1998 Kevin Brown. Pitching for the Marlins, Brown hurled a 9-0 no-hitter against the San Francisco Giants, on June 10, 1997. Brown hit just one batter (in the eighth inning with two outs) and did not walk anyone... On July 16 of that same season, Brown hurled a one-hitter against the Dodgers.

So with that, I now find myself looking at a $4.00 delivery charge for three commons that probably are worth the price of ONE stamp.  Anyone have these out there that wants to trade or would you just bite the bullet and enjoy one last hurrah with one pretty fun redemption program?

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  1. I just ordered up all my pre-'78 cards that I had. It cost me 5 bucks. Less than the amount of two crappy packs of 2010 Topps Update. I'm not complaining.