Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UD takes aim at fairway with return of Goodwin Champions

taken from Chris Olds &  Blowoutcards.com forums ...

Upper Deck has its sights set on a return to the golf world sometime soon and a pair of future products will include a golf card first and a big batch of Tiger Woods.

Those are things that golf fans—who have been without a set of their own since 2005—will undoubtedly appreciate.

Up first, is a first—Bubba Watson‘s first Upper Deck golf card. It will appear in 2011 Goodwin Champions, which will arrive later this year.

“We’ve reached a deal with the 2011 Farmers Insurance Open winner for image rights and autographs,” he said. “That’s kind of big news as many were wondering if we would ever produce Goodwin Champions again. The last Goodwin Champions set had a lot of very unique and innovative trading card inserts sets, so we are very excited to bring that product back with even more bells and whistles that will be announced in the coming months.

... so being a golfer (or at least trying to look the part), the caught my eye as I really liked the 2009 UD Goodwin Champions after the fact.  Again, I loved the minis from this set and feel UD really rose above Allen & Ginter in 2009. From what I gather, this will be again a multi-sport product.

Hopefully with this new 2011 release (due in mid-June to coincide with the 2011 US Open at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD), there will be more minis to track down.


  1. 2009 goodwins were such a fun set, i had alot of fun with the mini's in that one, that set and goudey really makes me miss upper deck

  2. The artwork in the Goodwins was stronger, the color was more intense. As much as I love the Allen & Ginter line, it's a shame that Topps couldn't take a lesson from UD on that one.

  3. I hope it is multi sport. I really liked Goodwin '09.

    Need any Goodwin minis? I have a bunch of doubles.

  4. CS, sent you an email with a number of Topps Insert wants.