Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trades via reader Matt and The Call of Cardboard

First up today on the trading front is a package I received from reader Matt. Matt contacted about a couple of weeks ago saying he had found my blog and thought he could fill in a couple of needs for me. Going his way later this week on some 2010 Allen & Ginter base and This Day in History cards along with some older Pirates and Cubbies.

First up is a bunch of 2010 Allen & Ginter minis that will go towards my frankenstein set. I am really getting to the point that I might consider going for the mini sets for all the years or just collect any mini I can and if I get build a set. If not, I'll have a hell of a Allen & Ginter mini collection.

I just can't bring myself to boot out a mini Washington Monument card for player X (when player X is a superstar). That's what I love about this set—it's more than just baseball, it's history and little factoids. Having visited my brother in DC a couple years ago, he explained why the monument was two different shades of color. Turns out, they had to stop construction during the Civil War, and when they resumed, the materials were of slightly different tone.

Ok, back to modern day, some here are some nice minis including the X-ray and a Red Sox. 

Second group is some 2010 inserts that I needed for various sets. Thanks again Matt and I'll throw you a note letting you know when your package heads out. Hope we can do it again!

Second trade recap is from Chris over at The Call of Cardboard. This is my second trade with Chris, also a fellow Red Sox fan and collector. We seem to collect the same things, but manage to trade pretty easily. Going his way on some various 2010 Topps set and insert set needs, some 2009 Goudeys and a couple of Red Sox 70's oddball issues that I don't think he's ever seen before.

First up is a card I once pulled out of a pack in 2009 but traded it away, I think to Nachos Grande back in 2009. From Ginter's 2009 Creatures of Legend, Myth, and Terror, the Vampire. Love this series and wonder what Topps will bring to the table this year.

Next two shots are of some 2009 Goodwin Champion minis!!!!  Man, I love these cards!!!  Great color and a nice mix of action and posed artwork. I definitely need to make a list and hit that local card shop this weekend to tackle this mini set. The cards are plenty and cheap, cheap, cheap!!!! Thanks again Chris, I'm sure we'll be trading again soon!

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